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Our nipple covers can be reused up to 30+ times for the adhesive version and 60+ times with the non-adhesive versionwith proper care

Adhesive - Glue

The adhesive nipple covers are coated with a skin-friendly adhesive and can be cleaned with water if necessary, but it is not mandatory. When drying, make sure that the adhesive side is facing upwards. Then stick the protective films back to the nipple pads and put them back in their original packaging! With careful treatment, you can enjoy your nipple patches for a long time - up to 30+ times!

Non-Adhesive - No Glue

The non-adhesive pads use the fine natural film of moisture and sweat on your skin. Clean your non-adhesive nipple covers with water and a mild soap after each use. After drying, your nipple covers will stick again. Simply reuse or return to the original packaging. With careful treatment, you can enjoy your nipple covers for a long time - up to 30+ times!

Absolutely! Our nipples are waterproof and sweatproof and are therefore also ideal for hot summer days and sports!

Sure, even with light-colored tops, our nipple covers are opaque.

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you first test the nipples on the skin or ask your doctor for advice.

We recommend that you remove the covers before you go to sleep.

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